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When I'm bored, I make comics. Occasionally, they're even funny. How about that! If you are in the mood for an archive binge, I suggest starting around comic #50 (or #30 if you stick to the recurring theme items like "Songs In 3 Panels"); the first #1-29 are mostly exposition, bad puns, and me futzing around with the interface.
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by somnambulist
Once again, I have stumbled into an actual romantic relationship.
I'm not sure buying all of your alcoholic beverages from the same cute Irish bartender counts as a "relationship."
No, this is real! But she is disturbingly normal for a girl I met through online dating. She's nice and never *****y.
You're going to take this opportunity to complain about it anyway, despite the fact that it's going well, aren't you?
I'm just baffled by the notion of a girl who only wants to give *******s all the time. Am I in an alternate universe?
You're an idiot. A lucky idiot, who is probably low on blood sugar due to receiving constant oral pleasure.
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