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teknomage goes fourth first (deleted) / second / sanban / fifth forum thread
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by teknomage
Anyway, you haven't told me anything about yourself, Benny. Like, I've been here a week. How long have you been working for this company?
Well, my friend Momoiro and I both started working here in early '06. Sadly, Dave had run out of creative juice by then, so he never made any strips about it.
I take it he did strips about the two of you prior to that, at some other job?
Yeah, we hosted a pretty random talk show. At first a local one called "Ohayou, Ohio," but it went national and changed the name to "Nanika atta, America." It didn't last long.
Sorry to hear that.
Hey, I'm over it. Not to hang a lampshade or anything, but I'm just glad to finally know she and I haven't been unemployed for the last six years.
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