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by theburninator
somewhere (FOUND)
So, this movie is a parody, right?
Not at all! It's an honest buddy-cop action-comedy! Family friendly!
But... but it's such a joke! The actors are parodies of themselves, and the entire premise is a parody of a parody! The idea of it is absolutely hysterical... but the reality is so... so depressing.
Exactly! The idea of it is comic gold, so we made it a reality! You have to love this movie! You said the idea was great!
No... No, I said the idea was great, but the concept is... is... I wish I was dead.
Now that's what I think is funny!
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arbi says:

I enjoyed this comic series when it was the movie "the player". But I liked it as a comic too.
posted Feb 5th, 2010 ( permalink )

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