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A Primer For Naïve Maidens

The Maidens' Primer is a series of life-lessons for the impressionable and innocent young lasses of the first half of the last century. Things mothers would never bring up to their sweet daughters without having a couple stiff drinks first, but they'd really like their little girls to know, like advice about sanitary napkins and cautionary warnings about that scourge of men - The Creepy Pee-Pee. -=- So as not to put any delicate flowers on the spot, the cartoon will be presented using males in the situations that young ladies may find themselves in.

by themushroom
From moment one...
I started taking computer courses when I was in high school, I guess that made me a geek...
I wonder what's under that kilt.
Many minutes later...
I've always thought LA or NYC would be the ideal place to live, but Redmond suits my life well...
I wonder what's under that kilt.
It's been nearly an hour...
There's eight years of eroding personal freedoms to fix, so c'mon elections! Hey, what are your thoughts?
I wonder what's under that kilt.

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A Primer For Naïve Maidens

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