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by tweedbucket
Randy's best friend opens a new restaurant !!
Hey Zphoton, how is business?
Not so great, since Burger Doggie opened up across the street... I... I.... I yii yii ...I just don't know what to do...??
Randy moves on and then sees his absolute best friend Fimp...
Hey Fimp, how is life treating you?
Not so great since Burger Doggie cancelled all their mail and then fire bombed my mail truck and I might lose my job...
Randy heads over to his favorite restaurant Burger Doggie for a burger and a shake but get's stopped by a cop.
What's you're problem ya big stupid FUZZ face pig??
I'm taking you to jail for harrassing Zphoton Johnson, Fimp Smith and Burger Doggie in this comic. You have the RIGHT to remain silent, now walk BACKWARDS towards the sound of my voice!!!
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