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Comments on crabby

I want to hear more of your conspiracy theoriesLord_Vodek08-10-10
How the hell did you favorite yourself 12 times?ladyjdotnet05-09-10
a laughable effortFactoryRejects10-25-09
Funnier than Shrimpyrussman10-19-09
Good times.Aylear03-22-09
Crabby! I am your father!gabe_billings03-14-09
Pinches my funny bone! 100th rate congrats!RCCOLAMAN03-09-09
Very, Very funny.LittleRocker02-11-09
Crabbier than the average crab040104002-08-09
you think you're sooooo funny o.0 you are :(doworkson02-02-09
Deserves five stars!Beeko18011-09-08
Have I not rated this guy yet? Well here ya go.Zaster07-19-08
Nice guy!100Faces03-06-08
Smells like Waffles!Shaneo3902-29-08
AWKWARD ruled. you rule. but the bears suck.theburninator01-07-08
Yo, Bro!christopher7murphy10-13-07
Some pretty funny stuff.kane274210-12-07
You're off to a good start.biped10-18-06
The funniest person I ever hated.crackpanther09-28-06
A heavenly creatureHumpenstein09-21-06
Bears suck, and so do you.Zimri08-31-06
Dick, but not even a real one. AngryAmerican08-29-06
So sextabulous.My ass actually asked me 2 call himsmamurai08-07-06
Fun fun fun fun fuuuuun-TASTIC!DaveMonkey06-09-06
I've got CrabbiesHCRoyall06-06-06
Crabby rocks my socks!!!Redeye05-19-06
i want to be your bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!mattmallone03-31-06
Makes shit stuffed shit in shit sauce.ivytheplant03-21-06
Disembowels my offspring with czechless abandon.theReverend02-20-06
crap, I never rated you. wtf lol omg.squidrabies02-19-06
pretty mush an unfunny cuntHotRodDeathToll02-06-06
On his own favorite's three times. Thats all I gotChuckaduck01-30-06
Is actually God.LuckyGuess01-27-06
Don't stop believing crabby. Never stopThe_young_scot01-24-06
Our mutual respect is our bond.Cre8tive1301-19-06
elder scrolls II goodKaenash12-28-05
Oh Crappy rated me! Yah! Oh it's *crabby*. Gotcha.len12-16-05
You have your own nick 3 times in fav'sflipynif111-12-05
Crabs is da manfuzzyman10-24-05
Only got 1 top rated, but that 1 comic deserves itHari_Nezumi10-17-05
Fuk u! Do me!mandingo07-29-05
YOU enjoymatclarke07-05-05
The Quentin Tarantino of Stripcreatorkaufman06-30-05
Great comics!Injokester06-26-05
Fine, upstanding young man. Where, you may ask?pita06-24-05
Cool Mudda Fuckaftc06-23-05
CRABBY HAS NUDESshank04-28-05
Bethesda, Maryland salutes you, Crabby Joe.cpausti04-27-05
On his own favorites list many times: must be goodCowTipper03-02-05
A funny guy who never fucks his daughter.Externalization03-01-05
"Mount Rushmore" was funny. LOL!Jeanster02-25-05
Your afghan has been reinstated.NooniePuuBunny02-16-05
Sell Out!KajunFirefly02-06-05
i like crabbyJESUSSANDWICH02-03-05
/me crabbsRedfeatheR01-22-05
he is crabby; hear him crabumfumdisi01-21-05
Thumbs aloftkramer_vs_kramer01-05-05
We love crabby!PhreakyChinchilla12-28-04
can somebody get this guy five stars?xxausrottenxx12-24-04
CRABBY'S BACK!BigFrank10512-22-04
This cat crabby is a bad motha-SHUT MY MOUTH!UnknownEric12-22-04
The Bears still suckFinnNYC12-17-04
Something something anus.DragonXero12-14-04
NERD! (oh my god most awesome avatar ever)possums11-10-04
I say he's masculinechoadwarrior05-28-04
Aye (TG)TheGovernor04-23-04
I perfer lobster (boinky33)boinky3302-27-04
Crabby= The STDs I wantMatchbook_Romance02-09-04
Hot Salsa rape!Inflatable_Man02-09-04
If farts had a God, crabby would be His prophet.ArtemisStrong01-26-04
is good with a bo staffMikeyG01-22-04
lives up to his namelittle_kitty11-09-03
Crabby joined SC on my brother's birthday-mmmmyers08-20-03
He doesn't suck dick... very well.Spankling07-06-03
crabby is his own reward.attitudechicka06-30-03
a little better than a regular competitordcomposed06-28-03

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