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Welcome to "Stolen Art Comics", some comics created using the hard work and creative effort of other catoonists. The ideas are all mine. The graphics are all theirs. Please don't sue me; I have very little money.
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by twofish
'kajun' appears due his appropriate garb. Any similarity is wholly coincidental. ;-)
'Ay, laddie! Wot th' 'ell 'appened to ye?
Got me in a fight with O'Reilly. I'd 'ave won if'in I weren't so be-schnookered.
O'REILLY? Th' bloke's only four feet tall! 'E must 'ave 'ad somthin' in 'is 'and to do all o' that to ye!
Aye. Took it to me with a shovel, 'e did.
A SHOVEL! Hahhahhah... and, I trust you 'ad somethin' in your 'and as well?
Aye, and a beautiful thing it t'was, too... but that particular part o' Mrs. O'Reilly ain't much use in a fight.
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