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Because Serial Killers need to make a living too..

What happens when Butch from "Chopping Block" comic fame gets into a new career as a Professional Marketing Consultant?

Enjoy Episodes 01 - 200+

With respectful thanks to Lee Adam Herold from Choppingblock.org for the original inspiration.

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by webspider
Somewhere in Western Canada...
So, you see, these two douchebag Facebook developers are ripping off mine and 160 other web comics! They won't stop it!
No problem, Mr. Hunt. We'll get right on the case...
18 hours later, somewhere in Tennasee...
...perhaps my associate can convince you otherwise. ..
Screw you, dweeb! We're not taking down the app or paying you any dough!! I'm not afraid ---
"Hey Butch! This guy says he's not going to stop stealing your comic..."
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Butch:Professional Consultant - Volume 2

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webspider says:

With respect to Tarol Hunt (Thunt) from GoblinsComic.com. A couple of douchebag web app creators made an app that stole the work of 161 web comic artists and even put up a scam donation button, saying that people could help keep these comics alive. The real creators never saw a penny of the donations. Such scum! (After an overnight revolt of fans and comic creators, the app appears to be dead). Yay Internet! :)
posted Jan 12th, 2012 ( permalink )

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