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[Click to view comic: 'Enya-G']

Can't you see they're laughing at you not with you????

5-19-04 9:13am (new)
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I'm Casey Kasem, welcome back to Worldwide Top 5, where we countdown the top 7 best comics of this contest. But first, I'd like to send out a long-distance dedication to biped for stealing my heart, then mashing it into a million pieces with his Brady Bunch spoof! Thanks for ruining childhood memories! Just kidding, good show biped. If you would've killed one of the strippers below, you would've made Top 7.

And another long-distance dedication goes out to all the strippers who entered this contest, for it shows they care about the music, and the funny!

Let's start the Countdown!

A haunting piece kicks things off at #7, as the King of Pop gets his props courtesy of the one and only habnem.

At #6, a phat lil' numba by umfumdisi and his BT&H skit. Word to yo motha!

Coming in at #5, a quiet, yet jarring acoustic number by UnknownEric and his ode to Stephen Stills.

Punning his way to #4 this week, it's the time to go old school with kaufman's tale of The Three Tenors.

In at #3, dcomposed makes a surprise comeback to world of CCs and hits Top 7 gold with his sarcastic, yet humorous look at the "punk" stylings of Good Charlotte.

At #2, a monstrous debut by an unknown, as Gabu rockets up the charts with a hilarious send-up of Fred Durst and Limp Triscuit.

And now...the Number One hit of the week...

It's crabby and his twisted, yet mind-blowing series featuring The Cure. And as if that wasn't enough, the B-Side of this smash hit features the death of Steve Perry (yay!).

Congratulations, crabby!

Think classy, you'll be classy.

5-19-04 6:14pm (new)
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Mr. Wonderful

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If you would've killed one of the strippers below, you would've made Top 7.

Hmm...never thought of that...

Legend, oh legend, the third wheel legend...always in the way.

5-20-04 7:15am (new)
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Bean There, Done That

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Awww. I would have though Parodying Moby's reliance on all things Electronica would have been a top 5 smash hit.

That said, the Crabmeister was, alas, untouchable!

"Life Sucks, Then you Die. The bit inbetween isnt very funny either"

5-20-04 9:47am (new)
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Moby has done a few acoustic sets, actually. You're fogetting how much of a pretentious muso ponce he is.

5-20-04 2:13pm (new)
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Stripcreator » Comic Competitions » CC 244 : Change in Musical Direction

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