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"Creepy Crab" Comics, "Firing Floyd" starring Floyd Reynolds, "Laff-a-Day" Funnies, "Silly Valentine Death" starring Janey!, 20,000 LEAGUES BENEATH OUTER SPACE, A Beautiful Mind, A Damn Good Excuse, A Date With Herbert, A Downturn For Alan: The Complete Series, A Kinder, Gentler Dog-On-Ball, A Kwanzaa Story, A Lineage Of Kings, A Little Toy Tricycle With A Clown On It, A Nation's Panic, A Setback For Mel, AJourneyToTheCentreOfVinDiesel'sAsshole, Alice Aforethought, Amazing Deep-Focus 3D Comics, Bad Bradys, Bad Captain, Bad Taste Theater, BET Presents "Yolanda", Biff and Dan's "Fun With Feet", Biff McGurk in "Bad thing, Worse thing.", Biff's Exciting Near-Brush With Fame, Billy And Mom, BIPED VS. THE BORG, Blazing Pintos, Bob and Elaine's Modern Relationship Problems, Bobby Vs. Father O'Mallard, Bobby, The Aryan Airhead, BOGO, Bucky Masturbate, Captain Lunch, CATHY, THE CAT-HEADED IDIOT, Chicken Soccer, Church Goat, Cindy, The Terrifying Monster, Cop y Cat, Countdown to 2,000, Debbie's Dilemma, Desperate Horsewives, Dickity Doo, Disengaged Debbie, Dog Shit, DOGGY-MAN BEGINS, DolphLundgrenPartyRobotsThatVomitOnYou, Dorky And Dickey, Edna in: "In The Unlikely Event", Equal Time, Father O'Mallard's Malady, Floyd and Verna Jean, For My Skull Is Hollow, And I Have Touched Myself, From Bags To Riches, Goo-Goo and Ying-Yang's Naughty Pranks, GRINT!, Half-Bakey Flakey, Hammin' It Up, Hangin' Out With Father O'Mallard, Hanky Panky Horse, Harsh Apocalypse, Heavy Petting, Helping Kids Understand Death, Hitler's School Daze, Horror Baby, House Of Dwacuba, Hubert's Quest For Love, Ich Bin Ein Lizardsuit, It's Book Report Day, Jim, JOEY!!! AND HIS FRIENDS!!!, Johnny Neglect-O, Joyd Jorlorff in "My Name Is Joyd", Logarn, Massacre On 34th Street, Menaces to Society, Mr. Children, Mr. Meatballs, Mr. Meow-Meow, Non-Salesman Lloyd, Our Vines Have Tender Apes, Paths Of Glory, Pickin' And Singin', Poor Little Sally, Quaint That a Shame, REAL Friends Aren't MEAN To Each Other, Retarchie, RoadTrip2TheCentreOfCoreyFeldmansAsshole, Robot Joe, Romper Chomper, Sally, Sally in "Attacked", Sally in "I Don't Care", Santa's Slump, Short-Term Memory Loss Revenge Wolf, Show Me The Hamsters, Singalong Sally, SLUGNEY, Stanley, Star Search Trek, Star Trek:The Wrath Of Kong, Stubborn Dan, The Anti-Arms Man, Tales to Astonish, Taquito, Taters For Sale, Terrifying Monster Academy, The "Annie" Tryouts, The "Who Dat?" Kid, The Absent-Minded Cow, The Adventures Of Nurse Bigguns, The AIDS Incident, The Biff McGurk Syndrome, The Boris Karloff Crisis, The Cat Who Ripped Off Andrew Dice Clay Jokes, The Clones Of Brad Schwartz, The Clown Brothers, The Dog-On-Ball Horror, The Donkeys Of Brad Schwartz, The Dysfunctional Dillards, The Farkers, The Floyd Reynolds and Blaine Rivers Reunion, The Flying Babies, The Foot Man, The Groins Of Hacknester, The Height of Evil, The Home-Invasion Squirrel, THE IMPOSSIBUTTS, The Joyd Jorlorff Coffee Break, The Killersons, The Last Nun On Earth, The Little Altar Boy And His Clones, The Little Boy Who Tore New Towns Down, The Love Goat, The Man Who Hammered Nails Into His Head, The Meat Wagon, The Mildly Amusing Adventures Of Biff McGurk, The Mistaken Identities Of Brad Schwartz, The Oldies Aren't Goodies, The Poor Little Elf, The Return Of Forrest Gump, The Robbery, The Shut-Up Dude, The Stench Connection, The Story Of "Feasty" O'Miller, The Theological-Discussion Dudes, The Tiny Mel Gibsons, The Trials Of Helen, The Vampire Who Loved Christmas, The Verna Jean Reynolds Story, The War Between Biff McGurk And His Mom, The Water Cooler Boys, The Wonderful Adventures Of Captain Chip, TheWarBetweenBlaineRivers&FloydReynolds, Thought-Suppressing Comics, Timmy And Mom, Top Of The World, Tunatown, Twilight of Biff, Unfunny Pants Comics, UNFUNNY PHONE COMICS, Various People, Walt Disney's "Funtastic Forest Friends", Wednesday the 11th, Well, The Forums Are Down, When Dreams Come True, Where No Nun Has Gone Before, Whose Airline Is It, Anyway?, Why Family Circus Is Only One Panel, Withering Heights, Won't Get Foiled Again, Woofy, The Door-To-Door Sales Dog, Young Robinson Crusoe



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Comments on biped

Better than a gay fish.brycekain08-12-12
Lips flap faster than Betty White's labia!iconoclastic05-02-12
If only you had 3 legs, damn!Comment (optional)bigworm02-18-12
I had an adult proofread this comment.cheap_ass07-24-10
Keep 'em coming, you magnificent weirdoZMannZilla05-16-10
He's so dreamy!RCCOLAMAN03-30-09
Despite having only two feet, you are a funny man.Aylear03-23-09
makes me think of things I shouldn't think of..Tterb03-20-09
I'm also a happy boy when I read your comicsLittleRocker02-11-09
Very Funny!Beeko18011-15-08
Hellz yeahOgyaf09-04-08
As gonzo as youporn.seanator06-13-08
Super-mega-hyper goodEl_Phen03-03-08
The more I read, the funnier each one getsTrey_Suckabeefio01-17-08
i have a shrine dedicated to biped in my closettheburninator01-13-08
Happy timeHydeGuy08-11-07
Biped's existence makes me slightly less angryAngryAmerican07-28-07
I´m under his control.DrMorton06-11-07
And all this time here I thought I was the happy 1Waste_Of_A_Sniper12-11-06
biped is either god or proof of god's existence.areallystupidguy12-01-06
My first nominee to SC'S hall of fame.Fuj11-18-06
Funnier than a quadrapedHumpenstein09-21-06
I tried to rate you bad but my head exploded.crackpanther09-20-06
Very good, very good indeed.boloboffin07-06-06
Gi'es ye tha dry boak.boorite02-28-06
Hilarity from 20,000 fathoms!LuckyGuess01-27-06
You can burgle my turds any time. 8==DtheReverend01-19-06
Ok, I'll "rate" you. Happy? Jesus, some people.len12-16-05
walking on two feet has never been funnierSmarmulus11-30-05
Wanna screw?Zimri11-04-05
I liked the Don West comic, but it gave me gasKaenash09-27-05
I hope your therapist is well paid you funny fuckjes_lawson09-18-05
It smells like urine in here.squidrabies09-12-05 closing Biped taught me many things aboutflipynif109-06-05
Hilarious.I love you.Lets go vomit.ftc08-21-05
Two minds devoted to humour, two legs for walkin.fatguy66707-20-05
The Biped&Mandingo Hour. think about itmandingo07-19-05
The Vin Diesel Series... That's all.Splunge07-17-05
Noises come out of my mouth when I read these.mrpoop07-07-05
He's rumored to have two legs.Externalization07-06-05
Doesn't have me on his favorites list :(HCRoyall06-30-05
Where's the comedy?mad_matt06-27-05
Answers my PM's in a timely manner.crabby06-24-05
He likes my picklematclarke06-09-05
It's official... biped is some funny shitScyess06-05-05
These comics are SHIT, you fucking JEW ASSHOLE!ArtemisStrong05-29-05
I like comics created by this user.FrixFrax05-16-05
I am... at a loss for wordslittle_kitty05-10-05
One fucked up up fucker.cpausti04-27-05
get er doneshank04-13-05
No one knows how old he isCowTipper03-29-05
strips so funny i almost died laughingJeanster02-27-05
The Human equivelent of Decomposed horse shitKevin_Keegans_Perm02-08-05
Biped once ran a charity, an evil charity.JESUSSANDWICH02-04-05
Glazes over in the egg-plant aisle.smamurai02-02-05
Says more funny things than a drunk Jesus.Rabid_Weasle01-26-05
Bigod Biped's GoodRedfeatheR01-22-05
Ed Begely Jr says hi.NooniePuuBunny01-13-05
What's this crap about space birds hurting?Tasty01-10-05
Created by the mentally ill, for the mentally illandydougan01-08-05
Hopped up on goofballschoadwarrior01-04-05
UE stole my commentumfumdisi12-28-04
Some of the most wacked out ideas on this sitekaufman12-28-04
Anyone who likes ocelots is good by me.PhreakyChinchilla12-27-04
makes happy boys kill themselvesniteowl12-24-04
mr. wonderful indeedBigFrank10512-23-04
Biped's comics are teh funny.Drexle12-22-04
Everybody loves you when you're bi(ped).UnknownEric12-22-04
fuckin awesome!xxausrottenxx12-21-04
really terrible ;)thochaos11-01-04
creepy, but funnyCHUBBY10-15-04
Movie reviewin' mastermindInjokester09-08-04
If you don't get it, smoke more crack.DragonXero09-06-04
I love a user who's bipedal.ivytheplant09-02-04
You deserve more than 1698 stars(Kr0n)Kr0n1c08-30-04
'aint no teen girl.possums08-15-04
Makes comics five at a time (mm)mmyers05-21-04
IT'S HIS NUT!!Inflatable_Man05-14-04
Makes unipeds jealousMatchbook_Romance04-26-04
One of the funniest users I've met.boinky3304-02-04
makes hares migrate to SlovakiaMikeyG04-02-04

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