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Mr. Wonderful

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Twilight of Biff by biped
Have you seen the new "Twilight" movie yet? Oh, I just totally love vampires! (drool!)
Hmm...Debbie loves vampires...
Maybe if I hang around in this cave long enough, one of the vampire bats will bite me and turn me into a vampire.
Biff, I'm afraid you have...rabies.
Rabies, eh? Is that anything like being a vampire?

Twilight of Biff 2 by biped
How about a soda, Biff?
Well, I'm really thirsty for one, but they frighten me.
I guess I'll just wander around this haunted house until a vampire bites me.
Debbie, a vampire bit me and turned me into a vampire, but my rabies killed him, and since he was the head vampire then I quit being a vampire.
Oh, Biff, you're pathetic.

Twilight of Biff 3 by biped
Mom, I got rabies and temporarily became a vampire to impress Debbie, but she still thinks I'm pathetic.
Oh, my. Your father used to just give me daffodils.
By the way, I sleep in a coffin on a layer of my native soil. And crave blood. Did you get the daffodils?
Biff, stop calling my daughter or I'll have you arrested.
Biff, girls only like pretend emo movie vampires. Not real ones.
Oh. Well, I guess I've just been wasting my time, then. Thanks, Vicki.

Twilight of Biff 4 by biped
Guess what, everybody? My new boyfriend's a vampire! A REAL vampire!
What the...but, I thought...
Father, I need to know what the Bible says about how to get revenge on vampires.
(sigh) Biff, you really should actually read it sometime. It's not a big comic book.
You must be Biff. I'm Debbie's new boyfriend, Todd--the sensitive emo vampire.
Yeah, well you can have her. I just came over to get my daffodils back.

Legend, oh legend, the third wheel legend...always in the way.

2-17-12 1:48pm (new)
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Stripcreator » Read My Damn Comics » Twilight of Biff

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