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Talentless Hack

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Sorry for delay, which was you know 'cause reasons and that.


00 -- Ulster Television Ident

01 -- (UTV orchestra) -- The Antrim Road

Wow, Aceness to level 10, don’t be surprised if I break out some old CEEFAX musics on the next swap, or maybe the old school clock thing.  Great theme, back when telly starting up was an event to be savoured and not just endless teleshopping bollocks.

02 -- Mister Nick -- Axelrod Speaks

Lesson to be learnt, retain your copyrights.

03 -- David Axelrod -- The Human Abstract

Like this, think I heard this from his 1968-70 anthology. Still dig it though.  

04 -- Pekka Pohjola -- Sekoilu Seestyy (Madness Subsides)

Correct side of smooth mellow tuneage. Awesome guitar.

04a -- Midnight In A(n) (im)Perfect World

05 -- Napalm Death -- The Kill

Musical Palate cleanse. Leading on to..

06 -- The Winstons -- Amen Brother

Funktastic.  Digging this.

06a -- N.W.A -- Straight Outta Compton

I think I prefered Nina Gordon’s version you put on Swap 9.

07 --  Patrick Troughton as Doctor Who

Nice use of Zimmer’s ‘Time’ in background --Apt.

07a -- Delia Derbyshire -- ZIWZIH ZIWZIH OO-OO

I may end up cutting the hook out of this and using it as my ringtone.

08a -- Adele and Lionel Richie answer the phone

08b -- Homer Simpson and the snack related mishap
08c -- Robin The Fog - I Answered The Phone…


09 -- And So I Watch You From Afar - S Is For Salamander

Liked every ASIWYFA song you’ve included in swaps, deffo need to check them out properly.

09a -- DOOM -- Gazzillion Ear (Thom Yorke Remix)

Not normally my cuppa, but I liked this.

10 -- Ray Parker Jr. / Will Smith / jes_lawson -- The Fresh Ghostbuster of Bel-Air

My bro got me into mashups  while back, digged this. One of my favourites is called Thunderbusters (I’ll let you youtube it).  I once collectively recalled the Fresh Prince lyrics with pals in the pub, we rocked them all from memory without fail, that was a good day.

11 -- Drew Fairweather -- Making Beats In The Studio With Charles


11a -- Glenn Campbell -- Wichita Lineman
A Boneyfide classic

12 -- Napalm Death - Deceiver

13 -- Guy Mitchell -- Heartache by The Numbers

As a massive fan of the game I’ll give my radiated thumbs up to this.
14 -- Sufjan Stevens -- Casimir Pulaski Day
This grew on me a lot after a few listens, Quite a few of Sufjan songs seem to do that to me.

15 -- Travis -- The Cage
Canny track, gotta say their ‘Hit’ put me off them for a long while (probably just overplayed), but this is enjoyable, I may have to give them more dues.

16 -- Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game

Another artist I gave a wide berth to at the time, can’t fault her pipes though. Lovely tune.  

17 --  M.I.A. / Adele (JTM Mix) -- Send My Love To You On A Paper Plane

This worked really well.  More mixes please you talented mofo.

18 -- Napalm Death --  Dead (pt1.)

77 -- Duke Special -- Love is a Series of Scars
99 -- Heartbeat

Really enjoyable mix of tunes.  Favourites included your MIA/Adele mix, the UTV Ident, that Drew Fairweather thing was intriguing, and that Travis song left me wondering if I’ve missed out on something so will be delving back in there.


Overall this has been an exceptional swap, cheers to Umfum for reinvigorating it.  Im working on a few ideas for version 2.0, and I’ve got a lot of new stuff to delve into so that’s a full win.

10-06-17 7:44am (new)
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Talentless Hack

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Assume the position: Retrospective

I had a few ideas this swap, It started out as something completely different which I sidetracked on once I ran back into the title track, which then led the way.  I had a few irons in the fire, I'd initially planned a retrospective look over 2016, then it was going to be artists who died that year, then it was just going to be tunes I'd listened to or bands Id seen that year, and eventually morphed into an amalgamated thing taking ideas from these and choons I was enjoying at the time. 


evil_d wrote:

01 Assume the Position - Lafayette Gilchrist

Kind of a weird title for an instrumental song.  Is there a story behind it?

Just nabbed from the Wire Soundtrack, but it seemed apt, and I was in a bit of a bassy mood for this swap.

evil_d wrote:

04 Bad Habits - The Last Shadow Puppets

One of my favorites in here.  Pretty rockin'.

Was never massively into Arctic Monkeys, but caught Last Shadows live last year and they blew me away.  This song is one of my favourites.

umfum wrote:

05. Tame Impala - The Less I Know the Better -- Many Radiohead fans seem to like this band, as well. So far, I haven't heard much of their stuff, but I intend to listen to more, and I do like this one pretty well.

I'd definately recommend you check them out, this was from their latest album. I'd say Lonerism is my favourite Album of theirs, Elephant on that got a lot of air time which is also a fav tune.  Kevin Parker's got a bit of Lennon to his vocals, which is probably intentional but works really well.

umfum wrote:

I must also add that the highlight of my time away from sc was seeing Radiohead live (for the first time) in Atlanta.

I saw them in Florence which was their warm up to their Glastonbury appearance. I can hand on heart say it was quite possibly the greatest gig Ive ever witnessed, or at least top three.

jes wrote:

15.  This is rocking - this is the best Queen track I've never heard!  I'm guessing this is one of their early works, it lists Brian May as the composer, it certainly doesn't sound like Freddie wrote it.  This is really prog, love it.

This was an early demo of theirs (I grabbed the re-issues of their 70s albums a while back and this was on the extra bonus cd).  I like how soft Freddies vocal is on this compared to the album track (which is probably more quintessential Queen).

jes wrote:

19.  The late Mr. Stardust speaks the truth.  I hate ageing, but it's part of the human condition.  I love the way the recording has the guitar and bass panned on different sides.

I actually had a different track in mind for my intital shortlist but this one seemed more apt and fit the mix.  I think his early 00s stuff sometimes gets overlooked by the sheer weight of his early work, but this song has always resonated with me. 

10-06-17 8:19am (new)
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Forum comment:

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Hey, Gov, thanks for the posts!

Some commentary:

-- "Rush are a band I’ve always wanted to dig into the back catalogue of."

Watch your toes, that's a big step. Don't know what (if any) airplay they get across the pond, but many of their songs are classic rock staples over here. That track was from Vapor Trails (remixed version came out in 2013, original was released in 2002). VT was one of the prime victims of the CD "loudness wars". Fans hated it, and the band was unhappy with it. So, they released the remixed version later. If you like that track, it's a good a place as any to start. Just be sure and check out that remix version.

Otherwise, check out my co-authored webpage (wherein my friend and I rate the Top 50 Rush tracks) to see what else you might like.

-- "I'd say Lonerism is my favourite Album of theirs...Kevin Parker's got a bit of Lennon to his vocals, which is probably intentional but works really well."

I found a used copy of Innerspeaker, and I really like it. It's like an modern version of Revolver -- no doubt thanks to those Lennon-like vocals. Got Lonerism on vinyl, but the sound is not the best. Read some reviews which stated same. So, I'll look for it on CD. As such, it's hard to get into due to the poor recording/mix quality (sounds like it's in a barrel).

-- RE: Radiohead "I saw them in Florence which was their warm up to their Glastonbury appearance. I can hand on heart say it was quite possibly the greatest gig Ive ever witnessed, or at least top three."

Ditto. I'm kind of glad it was my first time seeing them as I got to hear several of my favorites, which I didn't expect. Incredible.

-- Bowie

Really enjoyed The Next Day after pretty much ignoring him following his Tin Machine era. And Blackstar is so good. What a way to go...

-- Sufjan Stevens

Come On, Feel The Illinoise! (or just Illinois) is a really good album. I enjoy Sufjan whenever I hear him, but for whatever reason, this is the only one of his I own. That will change eventually.

-- Pink Floyd, Set The Controls...

It's the version from the Ummagumma Live disc.

-- Bad Plus, Prog

Glad you bought it! I got Innerspeaker pretty much because of you. Same goes for everyone on lots of things I've heard from these swaps.

-- King's X

They are sometimes like a mixture of the vocal harmonies of The Beatles with the musicality of Rush (yes, really) -- especially on their first four albums. "Pleiades" was on Gretchen Goes To Nebraska. Got to meet these guys and sit in on an interview with them while I was a DJ at the radio station back in my college days. They were entertaining even without instruments. Wish I had gone to their show that night, but I was a broke-ass student.

Chicken Feather Bed Bugs Bunny Hop Sing Out Side Street Walker Texas Ranger Cookie Dough Boy Wonder Years

10-25-17 8:02pm (new)
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