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I'm ... ah ... umh ... I don't know ... what to ... I mean ... erm ... what I'm trying to say is ... you know ... I don't ... I mean it's not that .... umh ... nothing to say about myself ... of course ... I mean maybe later ... yes, definitely, maybe later ... yeah ... why not? You see? ...

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by 100Faces
This strip is based on an idea by DrMorton, yet I'm solely responsible for the final result.
Alright, here's the sheep you wanted me to draw. Now come and sit down on me, Little Prince.
When that dumb kid finally tries to sit down, I'll move just a little, so that his royal butt lands on the ground and then ...
Hey, Benchie! Draw another one! This one looks ugly! It looks like a castrated ram that's eaten a snake.
And you look like Prince William after sticking his ugly mug into one of your bleeding volcanos!
And you look like foxhound poo-poo squashed under a monkey-bread tree at sunset.
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