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I'm ... ah ... umh ... I don't know ... what to ... I mean ... erm ... what I'm trying to say is ... you know ... I don't ... I mean it's not that .... umh ... nothing to say about myself ... of course ... I mean maybe later ... yes, definitely, maybe later ... yeah ... why not? You see? ...

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by 100Faces
I had the craziest weekend, bro. We snuck into Mexico for a weekend of debauchery. I woke up with a condom in my ass, and I think I'm missing a kidney.
And what are you going to say at the press conference, Mr. President?
Well, it seems like I gotta make up some good lies, doesn't it, bro?
Guess so, Mr. President and stop calling me "bro".
Erm, I did not wake up with a condom in my ass in a cheap Mexican hotel. I repeat, I DID NOT wake up with a condom in my ass.
And what about the kidney incident, sir?
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