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I'm ... ah ... umh ... I don't know ... what to ... I mean ... erm ... what I'm trying to say is ... you know ... I don't ... I mean it's not that .... umh ... nothing to say about myself ... of course ... I mean maybe later ... yes, definitely, maybe later ... yeah ... why not? You see? ...

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by 100Faces
Now wait, Faces! What are we doing here in the middle of the night in front of edoggydog's house? What do you mean we gotta re-programme his time machine?
Sssht, Doc! This way we can go back to Oct. 12th - one minute before he made his comic. The machine will never be made and he can't go back in time to kill you and annul my CC win.
But if we go back in time and destroy the time machine that took us to the past, we'll probably be trapped in an eternal time loop, Faces.
But that's the only thing we can do, Doc. Believe me! Maybe there will be a few explosions, but ...
Explosions, Faces? Then you will win your own CC by bonus points and this may affect the time and space continuum in even more unpredictable ways. Don't, Faces, d.... Uuuugggghhhh!
I will announce the winner yesterday, The winner is 100Faces. I will announce the winner yesterday. The winner is 100Faces. I will announce the winner yesterday and the winner is 100Faces. I ...
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