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The Man the Myth the Mammal.

42% Angrier than 4 out of 5 dentists surveyed.

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by AngryAmerican
Hello kids! I'm Pedro the Anti-Pot Puppet! YAAAAYYYYY!
And I'm Miguel the Anti-Marijuana Marionette! Boo-Yah! I has tons of flavah! YAAAYYYY!
Today kids we're gonna talk to you about Satan's Evil Spice, marijuana! Also known as Weed, Pot, Dope, Chronic and Sweet, Sweet Lady Stoney. YAAAYYY!
The stories you will hear are not nice stories. But we feel that as second graders now, you are ready to hear them....YAAAAYYY!
15 Minutes Later...
Oh No kids! See how evil marijuana is? Then what happened Miguel?
Then he sucked the contents of the baby's colon out and puked it up onto its mother before stabbing everyone to death in a weed-fueled frenzy of violence! YAAAYYY!
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