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--==Falling Dick-First into a Barrel of Razors==--

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by ArtemisStrong
And so then he responds, "Can't you see that I'm deep in despair?"
Haha! Now I get it! So he was sad, right? That's fuckin' funny, dude.
No, no, no. Wait. Let me try telling it again. Okay, so it's a party... a costume party... and you have to dress as a fruit. No. Wait. It's a party where there are no costumes, but-
-some people do show up with costumes on. Wait, let me start over. So it's a balmy day, and the fields are thick with Bos Javanicus... wait, did I mention it takes place in Bali?
Anyhow, some Bali Aga had trekked up from Trunyan. It was for a ceremony of Batara Siwa. It was Nyepa, and their hearts were full of despair from the exploitation tourism had brought to them.
So whose dick was in what kind of fruit now?
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you had a newer one, but deleted it.
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