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--==Falling Dick-First into a Barrel of Razors==--

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by ArtemisStrong
And so then he responds, "Can't you see that I'm deep in despair?"
Haha! Now I get it! So he was sad, right? That's ****in' funny, dude.
No, no, no. Wait. Let me try telling it again. Okay, so it's a party... a costume party... and you have to dress as a fruit. No. Wait. It's a party where there are no costumes, but-
-some people do show up with costumes on. Wait, let me start over. So it's a balmy day, and the fields are thick with Bos Javanicus... wait, did I mention it takes place in Bali?
Anyhow, some Bali Aga had trekked up from Trunyan. It was for a ceremony of Batara Siwa. It was Nyepa, and their hearts were full of despair from the exploitation tourism had brought to them.
So whose **** was in what kind of fruit now?
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