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Not nearly as big or evil as you'd think.

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by BigEvilDan
I bet nobody's been in these caves in-- AHH! A DINOSAUR!
Nice to meet you too, mammal.
What are you doing in here after all this time?
I'm waiting for my wife to return. She had to step out for a bit. Something about a comet. I'm sure she'll be back soon.
Uh... yeah. Good luck with that. I've... got to go do something.
Hey, if you run into her, tell her we're out of coffee.
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choadwarrior says:

I thought sleestacks were the only dinosaurs that could talk.
posted Dec 21st, 2006 ( permalink )

attitudechicka says:

He lives! Fantastic!
posted Jan 3rd, 2007 ( permalink )

Aylear says:

The title alone...
posted Mar 24th, 2009 ( permalink )

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