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Comments on choadwarrior

I voted "bad" but only because I'm jealousevil_d09-12-14
I guess I hadn't done this yet...four_legged_tripod01-30-14
Bikes a lot. Like, a lot.boloboffin01-27-13
I thought I'd done this already. Thank Jimmy!AngryAmerican03-20-11
Your mother and I couldn't be prouder.cheap_ass11-13-10
these comics put hair on your chestFactoryRejects10-25-09
nice stuff you got hereTterb06-04-09
A God..Beeko18005-03-09
one nice looking choadRCCOLAMAN04-26-09
A+++, would vote again.Aylear03-27-09
Something to see here.Ogyaf09-04-08
Like watching Michelangelo paint or Dahmer rape.seanator06-02-08
Funny stuff.kane274211-12-07
Why didn't I do this sooner?Hatrix09-09-07
makes comicsDrMorton06-14-07
I love your manly musk.FrixFrax06-11-07
A brilliant, limeyojcme03-28-07
King of my heart.040104001-24-07
Your office stuff is the best!Waste_Of_A_Sniper12-23-06
Certainly worth the $500/hour!Dinah11-28-06
If you knew boaby like he knew boabysmamurai10-21-06
You're my Most Likely To Kiss If I Ever Go Gay Guycrackpanther09-29-06
One funny cocksucker (no pun intended)Humpenstein09-21-06
I'm your 69th rating! yay!The_young_scot06-15-06
Very funnay Shtuffmrpoop05-18-06
~Bred In The Bone Humor~xxxenon02-25-06
Recently knighted for bravery in the Choad wars.LuckyGuess01-27-06
Teh guruSmurph01-26-06
smells fantastictheReverend01-19-06
Consistantly brilliantHotRodDeathToll11-07-05
Very sharp. Ouch.kaiobrien10-19-05
I am born anew in your genius!Zimri10-12-05
He got on his bike and came back with teh funny.jes_lawson09-18-05
How's my penis look?ArtemisStrong09-16-05
This comment is optional. ROCK!squidrabies09-11-05
Battled the choad and wonflipynif109-10-05
Jesus believes in you!!! ...not abortions... --redRedfeatheR08-23-05
First laugh of the nightftc08-22-05
yeah.... choad.mkilly08-11-05
honey in funny, no wait i mean't he putsSplunge08-09-05
Funnier than CHoadChi_The_Cynic08-09-05
Great, just greatlukket07-30-05
Tiki pimpmandingo07-29-05
The way funny was intended to beHCRoyall07-25-05
Most consistently funny fucker on here.ladyjdotnet07-01-05
Knowledgable pigs wallow gladly in his fecesNastyPope05-24-05
This means nothing to me!!! Ohhhh, Viennaaaaa!!!!!andydougan05-21-05
Miss you, hope everything has been good!cpausti04-25-05
"How hung is god?" made me laugh out loudJeanster03-23-05
he's kinda like FonziCowTipper03-02-05
I can't believe I haven't rated chaodwarrior yet!Scyess02-24-05
One Fucking Funny Clownshoed Fucker!Kevin_Keegans_Perm02-08-05
A total fag but in a good way.JESUSSANDWICH02-07-05
Choad makes me laughy and arousedRabid_Weasle01-25-05
Consistently the funniest person on the site, IMOTrippingbillee01-18-05
J'aime le Choad. Mon frere!Fuj01-14-05
Just the way I like my coffee... cold.NooniePuuBunny01-13-05
I would have read your comics if I were literate.Tasty01-07-05
A friend til the end.crabby01-02-05
Damned funnyFinnNYC12-29-04
titillating tittering titlist titanumfumdisi12-28-04
He made a comic with me in. That's why i love 'imBigFrank10512-28-04
Makes the rest of us look amateurish at best.niteowl12-24-04
GREAT comics!!! You should be syndicated.Injokester12-22-04
His choad battled mine and won.UnknownEric12-22-04
ben kweller+hedwig=choad's influence on mexxausrottenxx12-21-04
funny + cool = choadwarrior (poss)possums12-11-04
he's no obijo.PhreakyChinchilla12-09-04
Should come in pill form for that quick fix.ivytheplant05-18-04
Fought in the great choad war of 1983.boinky3302-27-04
Theres something about Choady! (TG)TheGovernor01-26-04
Your work related strips rock =)thochaos01-24-04
Told me gays are all bile-gargling pus demonsMikeyG01-20-04
He's gay. He's funny. Both mutually exclusive.DragonXero01-13-04
choad ala mode.Inflatable_Man01-12-04
Would vote Choad instead of Schwartzeneger.Matchbook_Romance11-12-03
someone I could share my shoes with.little_kitty09-17-03
Best served cold.Spankling09-11-03
Like potato chips. I can't read just one.mmyers07-14-03
there's never been a nigga this good for this longdcomposed06-28-03

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