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Not nearly as big or evil as you'd think.

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by BigEvilDan
So now that Captain Name Change has most likely been eliminated, I'll need a status report. Second Banana?
Well sir, I've assembled the finest group of cliche characters money can buy to help with our mission. Each is trained in self-defence, spy techniques, and foreshadowing.
I'm the Aussie Assassin. I insist on using this Boomerang Gun, despite it's inefficiency and the fact that it is easily traced.
I'm the love interest Veronica Del'ass. I'll no doubt fall in love with the hero while seducing him and betray you.
I'm the scientist held hostage to make insane devices for you. When the hero arrives, I will no doubt betray you as well.
I'm a chicken. I know, it doesn't make any sense to me, either.
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