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Not nearly as big or evil as you'd think.

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by BigEvilDan
Did you know that if you died RIGHT NOW, you would be sent to Hell?
That's right. Chances are, you've engaged in at least one of the following sins, each punishable by an eternity in the depths of Hell: speaking in l33t, sodomizing a donkey...
...writing a stupid nail-in-head comic, creating an ass****** robot, using the phase "all your base are belong to us", accidentally submitting the "asian girl punchline", using a vowel, using all caps
Are you ready to be saved?
If the random bible quotes have convinced you that this is a piece of intellectual literature; if you've been led to feel guily for using this bandwidth...
...if you've decided to make a positive difference to the internet, keep reading. If you've decided an eternity of torment is not for you, there ARE ways to be saved.
How can I be saved? Tell me! Please! Stop holding out on me, dammit!!
Salvation is just a few steps away. To prevent a life of eternal torment, just do the following: Send Brad money; proofread you comics once in a while; avoid border resizing...
...send Brad money; don't ask for a review of your comics, then complain when we don't understand your in-jokes and fart humour; send Brad money. Follow these steps, and you will be in God's light.
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