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"Fuck da ****ing ****ers!"

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by BlackSheep
No disrespect intended!
Pete...wasn't that terrible news about the 32 students fatally shot at Virginia Tech?
I hear ya Anthony but that is exactly why I'm for the right to bear arms to protect family and property!
You mean you're FOR being able to carry a gun? What are ya, nuts? That doesn't make any sense! I'm for peace, love and harmony, man!
Well, think about it Antz. If all those students carried guns, then we wouldn't be in this situation then would we? really got a good point there! Dude, I'm gonna quit hugging trees, stop freeing Willy, cease bugging the abortion clinics and go with YOU man. VOTE FOR PETE!
Cool daddio! C'mon Antz and let's go get you a Glock or a Tek 9 at Al Simmons Gun Shop!
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