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"Fuck da ****ing ****ers!"

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by BlackSheep
Why should I vote for Black Sheep as president in 2008?
Well...first I would bring ALL of our troops home and spread them across the US/Mexican border to stop illegal immigration and secure our country!
I am against motorcycle helmet and mandatory seatbelt laws! I am against gay rights and believe in the right to bear arms to protect family and property!
I believe smokers have rights too! We should purchase only products made in the USA! I would stop giving money away to poor countries and cut our taxes in half! These are ALL very doable things!
Well, I'm not gay, ride an American made Harley, smoke and go to the gun club! Although, like most politicians, you look like a complete idiot, you got my vote!
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BlackSheep says:

You got my vote!
posted Apr 23rd, 2007 ( permalink )

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