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The characters in these comics are completely fictional and are in no way supposed to represent anyone living or dead.

Although if any of the people in these comics remind you of someone you know in real life please point and laugh at their crazy comic-like appearance.

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by Choobychooby
So, Hank, how do you know my son?
He's the guy I have sex with.
I mean, how did you two meet?
I just woke up one morning and he was here.
Lovely, and what it is you do, exactly?
Well, first there's a coin toss, then one of us gets some handcream...
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Darren and Hank

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choadwarrior says:

We don't flip coins, we just flip over.
posted Mar 13th, 2006 ( permalink )

umfumdisi says:

Smack it; flip it; rub it down!
posted Nov 3rd, 2006 ( permalink )

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