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Mentally fractured man.

The Inner Struggle is over. I'm no longer limited.

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by Chuckaduck
..and I wanna get my haircut just like Dora! And there's a really kewl new Backpack from Dora the Explorer that you can get now and it's soooo much better than the one you just paid seventy bucks for.
Focus Mindy.
And Kimberly and her gay brother already have one each! Well, we don't know if her brother's really gay, but he acts gay. Mommy, what's gay?
The human mind has loads of untapped potential. You need only find the door and open it, locate the switch and flick it.
Are you still mad I found all those wobbly sticks under your bed and told Granny and her friends about them? What were those anyway Mommy? You never told me. They smelled like fish!
I both can and will blink this child out of existance.
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