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In this world, someone needs to keep an eye out for the city... And that someone is Max Paine, ultra badass!
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by Crowbar
When we last left our hero, Max Paine: Ultra Badass, he was using his ULTRA MAD SKILLZ to interrogate a local suspect (And occasional artist)...
Alright, I'm onto to you, Rainbow Bright. You can't keep your secrets locked forever!
I assure you, I haven't done anything wrong!
Oh, really? Then who was it that replaced works in the local art museum with another by an artist that somehow got a hold your signature?
That was someone using my excellent name to frame me! That's the truth!
Then why are you so pale? Afraid of the truth, pal?
Hey, look! You sit in a dim room painting all day, and you'd be in bad shape too!
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