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In this world, someone needs to keep an eye out for the city... And that someone is Max Paine, ultra badass!
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by Crowbar
Max Paine, ultra badass, has just uncovered a secret conspiracy that depicted his ultra badass life as a video game! Thus, he has traveled to a certain game company to find out...
It's YOU!
Yeah. I'm me. What the hell do you want?
Depicting *my* life in a video game... How dare you mock my asskicking ways! For this, you're going in the slammer, kid!
Oh, yeah. Nice impression. Fine, you want a personal look at our fine product, have at thee.
Five minute later...
... Wow. So, you can do that bullet time thingamajig *and* kickass at the same time? Gimme one... No, make that two... And maybe one for my badass car...
I'm glad you see it my way.
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