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In this world, someone needs to keep an eye out for the city... And that someone is Max Paine, ultra badass!
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by Crowbar
Five months later after the game company incident...
Yo, Max. Where the hell have you been?
Me? Ahh... I've been... Ah, UNDERCOVER! Yeah!
Right. We had two riots break out in the past month, a 12-car pileup and Mrs. Whaley's cat got stuck in a tree. Aren't you supposed to stop these things, Mr. Ultra Badass!
I'm afraid I'm much too busy. The world of crime awaits me! Armed with my AMD-K6 processor, NOTHING can stand in my way...
Processor... Wait, you got addicted to one of those kooky cop games again, didn't you?
Hey, look, don't make me go all bulletimey on your ass. I've got the skills!
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