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by DrMorton
Dear diary! Oh the waves of joy and excitement rushing through my body today when I finally dared to beam into fellow cadet Spock´s dormitory right the moment he prepared to go to bed!
The look he gave me - so innocent and unsuspecting, yet so full of secret knowledge - sent shivers down my spine. When I approached him I feared my trembling feet could fail me any moment!
Then I kicked him in the nuts and beamed out before he could react with that Vulcan death grip of his. That´s what you get for copying my moves in the Annual Starfleet Zero Gravity Ballet Contest!
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boloboffin says:

God. Dammit, Spock and Kirk didn't know each other from Starfleet Academy, they met aboard the Enterprise, Spock served with Captain Pike in "The Cage", what in Gre'thor is wrong with you! Not that I care...
posted Nov 11th, 2007 ( permalink )

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