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ATHF quotes: Serve and Deliver...bitch- Carl. How about we call ourselves the Lets get off our asses and do something becasue my peroll officer loves to hear that I spent my one day off dicking around on the FUCKING MOON!-Happy time Harry. There will be more very soon........
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by Evil_Pumpkin
2 years prior...
Sir! We're out numbered, and we have many casualties!
THats ok private, we've got a secter weapon, let me introduse you to it!
2 years prior...
Hello bitch, my name is unimportant, but I'll end the war.... wanna see how?
2 years prior...
I guess they'd never expect a rabbit to be a soldier....or to blast their asses with a twelve guage....
Hey ass wipes, I'm gonna kick you're ass!
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