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I amuse (I am Hughes.)
**LEGAL DISCLAIMER** Hughes. does not accept any responsibility for feelings of inadequacy brought on by the realisation that he is funnier more intelligent and better looking than you.

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by Hughes.
Did you ever see that Doctor Seuss follow-up to "The Cat in the Hat"? "The Cock in the Sock"?
Are you kidding? There was never a story called that.
Oh no, it wasn't a story book... It's more of a puppet show, really. Am I the only one who remebers this thing?
I hate to ask, but does this "puppet show" involve you, with your cock stuck in a sock?
You HAVE seen it!! Could you explain about it to my neighbours? Otherwise I won't be baby-sitting for THAT family again!
Would you rather I puke on your shirt or your shoes? Choose fast.
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