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true stories, translated poorly

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by Moturd
Kathy Griffin claims she has Corona virus after partying in Mexico...
Doc I got intense pain, vomiting, diarrhea, every 20 minutes. Give me a Corona test quick! I'm a celebrity.
Ms. Griffin we have a limited number of tests kits and your symptoms don't indicate Wuhan Flu.
Well if I don't have Wuhan Flu then what's wrong with me?
Don't get me started. Heh heh. But seriously folks, TDS, Montezuma's Revenge, hangover, and the herpes sores in your ass are flaring up.
But I have lower abdominal pain. This is unbearable!
I'm sorry to hear that, and believe me I know what unbearable is. I saw your show.
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Moturd says:
posted Mar 26th ( permalink )

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