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by Murica
Hey, mister. Watcha doing?
I'm dying for your sins.
Cool! Can I have a turn on the cross?
No, I'm sorry. I must suffer this fate alone.
Are you the son of a bitch that won't let my daughter play on the cross?
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comments on this comic


ragu4u says:

I laughed....but I shouldn't have.
posted Aug 23rd, 2014 ( permalink )

RedfeatheR says:

That is 'Merica
posted Sep 5th, 2014 ( permalink )

DBoba says:

posted Oct 8th, 2016 ( permalink )

umfumdisi says:

Glory be, I upvoted thee
posted Jul 11th, 2017 ( permalink )

FinnNYC says:

This is a good comic
posted Aug 28th, 2017 ( permalink )

Pandeist says:

That's exactly how it happened too.
posted Feb 21st, 2018 ( permalink )

JoeBlough says:

Six years later and it STILL made me laugh....and it STILL shouldn't have!
posted Jun 6th, 2020 ( permalink )

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