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Pandeist; and so, a practitioner of Pandeism, a friend to pandeistically inclined Pandas, having panache with a frying pan.

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by Pandeist
So you're really a sex robot?
That is correct, I am a T985 sexual pleasure-giving automaton.
I don't know -- I think I'd rather have the love of a real woman than meaningless sex with a heartless machine.
It is true, I have no heart. Instead, I am equipped with an extra vagina between my boobs.
Shall I wrap myself in paper or plastic?
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brycekain says:

Too much Taco Bell, not enough funny **** to write about.
posted Jun 4th, 2016 ( permalink )

Pandeist says:

You'd think the election season alone would give an immensity of material....
posted Jun 4th, 2016 ( permalink )

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