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"Made me laugh way more than I should have!" -atomiclunch

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Most people have a devil on their shoulder influencing them to do bad things, and an angel on the other shoulder counteracting the devil...
Do you really think I should steal Chen's credit cards and run up a major internet porn bill in his name?
Yes. And, when you're done doing that, you send an anonymous email to his boss so he gets fired so you can take his job!
However, Russ only had a devil.
But, what if he doesn't get fired? Then what?
Then, you kill him with a pick axe, assume his identity, cash out all of his savings, 401K's, IRA's, stocks and bonds, and gold coin collection.
(No wonder he spent half his life in and out prison before dying of AIDS at the young age of twenty-nine.)
I'll never get away with it. I don't even look Chinese!
By the time they figure it out, you'll be on a beach in the Dominican Republic having unprotected sex with herion-addicted Haitian lady-boys. Trust me on this.
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