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"Made me laugh way more than I should have!" -atomiclunch

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Hey, Ted... Your standing in the middle of a busy highway and you're fast asleep.
You hear me, Ted? Middle of a busy highwy? Fast Asleep? Could be dangerous? WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!
ZZZZZZZ-**snort* What the..? Why did you wake me, Lizzy? I was in the middle of a great ****ing dream!
The one where you're have sex with Gal Gadot and a young Salma Hayek?
Yeah, but this time we're ****ing while filming one of those funny GEICO commercials!
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atomiclunch says:

I would totally watch that commercial. I guess the gecko would be the fluffer.
posted Aug 11th ( permalink )

DBoba says:

You should do some "outtakes" and alternate endings of this one....
posted Aug 13th ( permalink )

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