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Parental guidance recommended, not these comics mind, just in general, you know for babies and those formative years when children can't really look after themselves, or tie shoe laces, or ride a bike, or gamble on whether a hooker has an std or not.

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by TheGovernor
Yo, Bitch, get back in there, and start shaking your thing, I aint paying you to stand around
Yo My Brother!
Hey, its Five Dollar for the regular service, but you going to have to dip into the green if you want something a bit special, you dig?
Yo guys, Eleven Pimps working the same stretch aint good for business. I know the Republicans are throwing a party in town, but this is overkill!
Get your Fat asses here, yo Im talkin about the biggest mama's you'll ever meet, for all you fat friends out there.
Hey, where are those two asian girls I hired yesterday? Yo Clive you better not be pinching my girls again...
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