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Parental guidance recommended, not these comics mind, just in general, you know for babies and those formative years when children can't really look after themselves, or tie shoe laces, or ride a bike, or gamble on whether a hooker has an std or not.

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by TheGovernor
I gotta a problem Cleetus, Everybody round here's inta Rape 'cept us
What you talking about Dwayne, We Rape all the time, we're just taking a year off from the Rape 'sall.
Weyll am startin' to miss the ****. All Billy-Bob down the bar wants to talk about is ****, and I ain't got no new **** stories to tell him.
Rape's not the only thang in life Dwayne. You gotta diversify your interests. You can't **** all the time.
I know Switching from Oilseed Rape to Corn in our fields was good business Cleetus but couldn't we do just a little bit o' ****?
Sorry Dwayne, you'll just have to do without **** this year. Besides you know corn is much better for hiding the bodies of all those dead Mexicans you skull ****ed anyways
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