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Parental guidance recommended, not these comics mind, just in general, you know for babies and those formative years when children can't really look after themselves, or tie shoe laces, or ride a bike, or gamble on whether a hooker has an std or not.

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by TheGovernor
Elephants are fluent in over thirty different languages, but still have difficulty understanding your average Scotsman
I'm sorry I still did not quite catch that
Ah say'd yeerh divvinaae louuk lieek yaw peecture ahn Tinder
Elephants can see through time and space, but are forbidden from interfering by the council of telepathic space chimps.
Happy Gilmore was ok but If we don't stop Adam Sandler now this truely will become the darkest timeline
I'm sorry, we've looked into the void of pain too, but it is the will of the council that we should not interfere
Although they are the symbol of the Republican party in the United States, most Elephants could actually be descrbed as Libertarian
Free market for the win, yeah!
So does that include the Ivory trade?
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umfumdisi says:

Allo, allo!
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