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"I always wanted to be quoted." - Z. Mann Zilla

artist, designer, animator, actor, crossword puzzle constructor, rapper, gamer and humorist. Also makes a mean omelet.

If you like what you see, drop a comment. If you don't, drop a comment anyways; if I don't like it I'll just delete it. After reading it, of course.

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by ZMannZilla
I bet you didn't know I'm a restaurant owner.
You're right, I didn't know that. What's the name of your restaurant?
Jack In The Boxers. Oh, and your mom eats there all the time.
I wonder why she's never taken me there?
It's between my legs, and you're welcome to eat there any time.
Oh, that explains it. She knows I prefer large portions.
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ZMannZilla says:

This is a re-imagining of a Lord Vodek comic:
posted Aug 9th, 2010 ( permalink )

Lord_Vodek says:

This is a Lord Vodek comic done right XD
posted Aug 9th, 2010 ( permalink )

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