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"I always wanted to be quoted." - Z. Mann Zilla

artist, designer, animator, actor, crossword puzzle constructor, rapper, gamer and humorist. Also makes a mean omelet.

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by ZMannZilla
I have fixed the Holodeck captain. Fortunately, only four crew members died this time when it malfunctioned.
This is like the tenth time during this voyage that the Holodeck gained sentience and tried to murder everyone. Why do we even have that thing?
The crew are stuck on a spaceship for months at a time. It is important for morale to provide them with engaging and versatile entertainment.
Yeah, but you know what does that without growing a brain and trying to kill my crew?
What is that, Captain?
A ****ing XBOX!
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Chicken_Corner says:

I thought the answer might be those dancing green slave girls.
posted Sep 17th, 2011 ( permalink )

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