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"I always wanted to be quoted." - Z. Mann Zilla

artist, designer, animator, actor, crossword puzzle constructor, rapper, gamer and humorist. Also makes a mean omelet.

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by ZMannZilla
Holy Cursewords Porkman! Joe Blough's latest Comic Competition DARES us to offend people!
So, it's a Stripcreator Comic Competition with no actual rules then.
No, you don't understand! THIS one specifically demands that we be offensive and-
Stripcreator in 2019 is essentially six dumb insecure crackers re-telling the same three shitty jokes they heard on Howard Stern! BEING OFFENSIVE ISN'T A CC RULE, IT'S THE FUCKING BASELINE!
Ouch, dude. That was uncalled for.
You think so? Gosh, I hope I offended that racist sexist needle-dick bootlicking cucktard Joe Blough just enough to win!!!
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Porkman & Finchy Are Still In Terrible Comic Strips : ZMann's Comic Competition Entries 2

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four_legged_tripod says:

posted May 13th, 2019 ( permalink )

JoeBlough says:

Game ON!
posted May 14th, 2019 ( permalink )

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