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Dramatis Personae
Andy Dougan film critic extraordinaire. Enjoys illegal pornography and biscuits.
Russell Crowe actor and poet. Husband to a trophy wife. Father to a trophy son.
Huw Edwards BBC news anchor. The Hunky Face of Teatime®.
George W. Bush President. Defended the *****houses of Houston from the Viet Cong.
Christian Slater certifiable actor. The id to Crowe's ego.
Osama and Mullah Omar fugitives. Kandahar's answer to Bert and Ernie.


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by andydougan
So I was at this party on Saturday night...
Party, eh? I might have been at the same one.
Oh, no, wait. I spent Saturday night posting the goatse picture on S Club Juniors messageboards, a joint in one hand, my ***** in the other.
I bet having kids really eats into your leisure time.
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