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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
again today i didnt get anything from my list done, or even started, but,
my former partner, dr tavel, emailed me an article about how the gop secretary of state candidate is in trouble again, so i emailed his staff and the press a memo on why his brochures were legal after
all, so when he wins on tuesday he's gonna owe me a favor.
the other thing i did today was i went downtown to try to vote and as usual they didnt let me but gave me a provisional ballot instead, which they won't count, so i'll sue them again. we do
this about once a year. i got a parking ticket while i was inside trying to vote.
right now i'm off to the club, 3rd time this week. i'm at a stressful stage of my work avoidance routine. deadlines are rough on me.
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