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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
so i'm in a study. 10 people, 4 guys, 6 women. you've met achmed, there's also vidor from latvia, nice quiet smart kinda good looking in a businessman sort of way.
there's ruth, a hot mom, angela, a fiesty older black woman, and i havent sorted out the names of barbie girl, hipster glasses, and the really interesting "our time" single woman my age.
but the fascinating ones are Arial and Back Door Sam, a young couple, roommates possibly lovers, who are friends of my one friend in denver, james.
there are both very goodlooking but standoffish, they don't really talk to the rest of us except to pass the sriratcha.
what i like about the girl is her laugh, and her haircut which is long and curly except a shaved undercut part in front, but what anyone else would notice about her is her m**marries,
and that's what CC604 is about, so thanks for the m**marries
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four_legged_tripod says:

So, it sounds like you're living a real life episode of "Community".
posted Feb 17th, 2015 ( permalink )

arbi says:

my god, you're right. i don't watch that show, but i'm obsessed with april. or am i thinking of parks and rec? community is the one with soup guy.
posted Feb 17th, 2015 ( permalink )

arbi says:

it later turned out that arial and back door sam were definitely lovers. i could hear boots knocking several doors down.
posted Jan 22nd, 2016 ( permalink )

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