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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
monday i didnt do a whole lot, but more than saturday wehn i just stayed in bed.
it got all thee way up to 32 degrees, morely freezing, so i took a walk to some local stores. i also went to the shop and picked up my car keys and thanked them for fixing my car. they didnt charge me
he called and should be here at 2 pm tomorrow.
for replacing the belts, so they have won my loyalty as a customer, at least for some things. i have ice cream melting in my car that i should go take care of.
more emails with tommy today, we need to work out the details of his getting here from florida.
i need to make a list, make my bed, take a bath, go back to the store for moosetraps, work on a michigan case.
mostly i've been listening to mark maron podcasts all week.
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