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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
around 4 am i decided i wasn't really going to drive to west virginia with that slight wobble the car makes, so i turned around, went home, went to work on one hour sleep, worked 7 hours. the layoff
is over and we are back on overtime and optional saturdays. i put $800 in the bank and paid $300 in bills and dived my dinner, some fish from aldi. and now i'm home vegged out in bed, need to do push
ups and a bath. i folded towels and put them away. i planted mint and coriander in the little garden spot at work today. still need to plant coriander here, maybe some dill if i have it.
i bought a dress shirt and a chess clock at goodwill. every day i can take a slightly different route home, with little adventures.
i guess getting a decent night sleep is enough of a task for now. i have some deeds to draft for kc and the house needs cleaning in the aftermath of hippie christmas. i have piles of asian grocerys
to sort through and put away somewhere.
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