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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
yesterday i weeded the rasberry patch, today i planted red corn. i do this on my breaks at work. it's friday night, i'm at home relaxing, going to havr onr drink then review my to do lists.
i bought painkillers for tommy, and took pictures of the vacant lots to prove they are kept mowed. i have not yet gone to kinos. i checked my oil and added oil after noticing a small leak.
the question i was working on today is graded in way that has little to do with reality, so i felt frustrated all day. i figure it better to be undercover than to quit, but it raises ethial dillemmas
and it's a question about a pair of presocratics and personal intergrity, so it might be ironic. or ionic. i stopped at 5:30 from exhaustion.
drink, pushups, bath, then plan my night. i work 5 hours tomorrow. yesterday i paid the electtric bill $220 and a credit card.$150?
i kinda like the job but i just had 10 years of not having to do this, so i'm a little rusty. i still need to clean the car, the house, etc.
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