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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
so toay we ha aventures. i'm writing with a lisp because my d key is stuck. because i havent gotten my entures yet, i soun kin of like that too.
we is me and my assistant kevin. this causes all kins of rama at home with tommy, who has been cooking up a storm lately, yum.
part of what we are doing is research for a grant proposal.
we went to the annis collection at the state historicaal museum library
which iifferent from the state library which is across the street.
then we went to the city library
where they also have an r b annis room.
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arbi says:

they want to charge is 60 bucks a c to transfer it to video. 200 tapes so maybe 4k or 5k. i can't affor that, so i'll fin a workaroun.
posted Feb 23rd, 2018 ( permalink )

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